The foundation of a Voice from Source session is to gently invite you to connect to your core. It is an undoing approach, a dissolving of everything that is on the periphery so as to prepare your temple within, ready to receive the essence of your voice.

Vocal exercises are designed to encourage non-forcing, rooting of the voice, singing on the breath and aligning the voice with the inner tube, the vertical dimension. We learn to embody surrender and letting go so as to sing from a place that is not conditioned by limiting patterns and defenses.

A session can be done individually or in groups, online or in person.

Eleneh Flowering Light creator of Voice from Source approach in Voice Arts therapy

It is for singers who wish to ground more when singing and open to the fullness of their voice. It is for anyone who wishes to explore their voice creatively and as a healing instrument. A Voice from Source session can complement your mediation practice, it can help with the moving of energy in the body and with having a more loving relationship with yourself.

In groups we explore the interconnectedness of our voices within the unitive field of sound. It is a powerful way to be together and can be used in all sorts of settings where there is a need to create a common ‘language’ and unity.

Voice from Source is the seed giving birth to various seedlings, ways of weaving back home. All are pointers to the inner journey of meeting yourself through voice work and all are connected.

The Voice from Source approach offered is for overall well-being and self-awareness, it is not intended to substitute psychotherapy or medical supervision.

I have taken part in numerous SingingFlow workshops and every time I have found myself being able to connect gently and in a very nice way with my essence. Eleneh is wonderful at creating a space of calm, fun, creativity and nurturing.

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Voice from Source Singing Flow session.


An invitation to connect to the life force energy and be a conduit for sound. Focus is on improvisation, playful exploration and creativity. Connecting to the continuum of energy is a way of freeing the voice and letting go of resistance, inhibition and self-censorship. Singing is done as a spontaneous offering where we open to expansive vistas of vocal expression and become aware of the eternal stillness that animates the flow.

For men and women who wish to feel real freedom when they sing and explore their voice within creative process.

You NEED to try Singing Flow. Cannot express how wonderful this experience is with Eleneh! My description of SingingFlow is a meditation practice that combines gentle movement, sound/music, and mindfulness to get in touch with your body and emotions, to help with things like relaxation and awareness. SingingFlow is truly for every-body.

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Canto dell’Utero

Song of Womb (Canto dell’Utero) is deep surrender and release of control. It is a melting into the ocean of love of the Great Mother. We dive into the uterine cave, the ‘creative emptiness’, so as to unleash the raw wild energy of the sacred feminine. We release the mask of the ‘good girl’ and give ourselves permission to voice the fullness of our deepest nature. We sing the pulsating magma of the womb waters and let them wash away the illusion of unworthiness. It is liberating and empowering.

For all women who wish to nurture intimacy with the feminine principle, who wish to ‘untame’ their voice, women who are planning a pregnancy.

Dear Eleneh
The deep listening that I experienced from you and with you taught me to allow vulnerability to carry us to whatever destination the spirit wants us to be. During the sessions I learned how to be in this feminine presence and how to let go of any expectations, which at the end lovingly opens us up to a deeper and a higher presence.
I learned to trust this rhythm and to trust that with time things could flow and manifest. No rushing is needed, just presence….What I've learnt from your approach I couldn’t find in any other voice teaching method.

Nascere Cantando

The vocal apparatus is directly connected to our pelvic floor so our voice can be a powerful birthing tool. In Nascere Cantando we learn how to let go of ‘holding’ in areas of the body that need to deeply relax in order for the voice to drop into the pelvis. We learn to open from the root, releasing into the breath. We train to sing with the waves of the contractions which allows us to be one with the cosmic pulse, in communion with the natural movement of the birthing process. Using our voice as an anchor, we feel supported to go through the fear and listen to our intuitive voice, ‘she who knows’.

For women in their second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

I felt supported along the journey towards motherhood and in finding my deeper self. Annalisa was born and a new me too.
Your singing sessions reminded me of how sacred our instincts are and not something mechanical, imposed, but pure listening and allowing the flow of our voice free from conditioning.

Sea shell in hand

The eternally Creative has nothing to learn...

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