Welcome to Voice from Source!

Voice from Source is a voice-work approach supporting creative expression, conscious awareness, unbounded singing and giving birth, whether to a baby or to your true vocal identity. It integrates bel canto teachings, voice arts therapy, cosmic energy intelligence and ancestral feminine knowing.

Eleneh Flowering Light in the garden

‘I am here to support you in discovering the beauty and power of your vocal core. I invite you to GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to be intimate with your voice and explore it freely.
My intention is to hold sacred space so you can simply surrender, release control and sing from a place of oneness.’

I am Eleneh Flowering Light, singer, artist, practitioner in Voice Arts therapy and creator of the voice-work approach Voice from Source.

More About Me

Voice is a sacred remembrance instrument for connection. Where there is separation your voice can gently sing you back home.

Voice from Source is an invitation to discover the origin of our voice. We bring our attention to the inner nucleus that gives birth to sound. We heed the call to return to wholeness and be one with the creative principle so as to honour our authentic vocal expression. We connect to the depths of our being and through the power of non-doing, we allow life to sing through us.

Voice from Source is a direct approach, bringing us into primordial space where the controlling mind stops interfering with our natural state. We fully open to the life force that animates our singing, embracing our voice as an instrument for love and joy.

Light shining through the hole in the rock

Quiet down the mind, the more the Song will play

Trevor Hall ‘You can’t rush your Healing’

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What people say about their experience

It released me from trying to do it myself... just letting Source move through me... makes it more like a prayer, I found this holy.
It is the key to coming out of mind and control... it is the key that opens the door to inner energy.
I felt that once the channel for sound was ‘opened’, I was completely free to give energy and expression to a part of me that otherwise would have remained mute and bound.