Hello dear One, I am Eleneh Flowering Light.

My work is devoted to Source, to the Love that is always present. I am here to listen and be of service to the unveiling of your true voice. That we may celebrate together the beauty of singing without any expectation. That we may smile with delight at the discovery that falling into our vocal core is ever fresh, ever alive, ever deeper.

I am a classically trained singer in the bel canto technique, frame drummer, educator and practitioner in Group Voice Arts Therapy (BAST).

I was born in the United Arab Emirates. Growing up I spent endless days and nights in the desert and by the sea, their silence and depth have been my greatest teachers.

When I sing I hear the silence in the sound, the silence that is an eternal embrace...

Eleneh Flowering Light
Eleneh Flowering Light

As a child I loved keeping myself company with spontaneous singing, it helped to transmute a sense of isolation and loneliness. I was already a strong believer in the therapeutic benefits of creativity!

I have a background in the humanities, the performing arts and languages.

I am based in Rome where I collaborate with a maternity centre, schools, actors studios, holistic centres and community programmes.
I offer private sessions online and in person.

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In 2008 I met a great maestro in Rome, Romualdo Savastano, whose teaching ‘do not help the sound’ was a revelation.

His guidance melted my defences, lesson after lesson he would invite me to go down further down still further down till I finally dropped into the inner nucleus and trusted I didn’t need to ‘make’ my voice sing. What a relief to discover the vocal connection I yearned for was already here!
Years of training in this way made me come to understand the science of sound, how it moves through the energy centres, ‘the vibrational’ points within the body, the spiritual architecture of harmonics.

sea shell

Around this time I also began a journey of rigorous self-confrontation on the Pathwork, the lectures providing an alchemy that brought up what I was hiding from so as to ‘go through’.

‘Receptive, creative emptiness must truly be nurtured... Listen with an inner ear... This is the only way to find your inner sustenance, to find your divinity, and become a receptacle for the great universal power...’
Pathwork Lecture 224

More recently I have become committed to a Course in Miracles and practising Self-Inquiry.

Spirituality for me is meeting what is here now, the truth of this moment where the Divine is forever present beyond time and form.

Voice work brings me into direct experience of that which is alive and free, the unbounded spirit.

The most transformative moment in my life was when giving birth to my beautiful son Sasha.
It was a truly mystical encounter with the womb of creation. Vocalising on the contractions, I had a profound realisation that singing is essential for opening to a ’more than human power’.
I felt the presence of the Great Mother holding me throughout with unconditional love.
I felt called to serve.
To offer voice work as sacred remembrance of our true nature.
That we may remember we are worthy to receive and vibrate with the sonic wonders of the universe.

Where there is separation your voice can gently sing you back home.